Forever Changed Ministries is dedicated to helping new believers become rooted and grounded in the faith by teaching “the basics” and other key principles in the bible and building upon those fundamental truths.

Through these foundational teachings, believers come to more understanding and a deeper relationship with Christ, enabling them to live every day with confidence in who they have become, able to defeat the lies of the enemy, and break free of those things that seek to hinder them spiritually, emotionally and physically.

About Rhonda

Having been a Christian for nearly 5 decades, it was not until she reached her early 30’s that her life was forever changed.

During that time she was in the throes of spiritual attack having been molested as a young teenager and trying so desperately to find answers.

Her life was a mess as depression and addictions were becoming more powerful in her life than what she knew to do to defeat them and have victory.

It was not until Rhonda reached “the bottom”, as they say, contemplating suicide but also fearful of her daughter’s future, that instead, she cried out to God while slumped on her kitchen floor and begged Him to “either do something with my life, or take me out of here because I’m sick and tired of being sick and tired!”

It was at that moment that she was forever changed as the light of the Spirit of God poured into her heart and mind, delivering her from every addiction and the depression.

But, the war was not over until she began to receive teaching about who she was in Christ, all that had been won on her behalf, how to recognize God’s voice vs the voice of another, how to expose the lies of the enemy, how to pray effectively, what it means to renew the mind and how to do it, what God sent her to accomplish in life (her calling), the power of the Holy Spirit, the work of the Trinity and each function of the Godhead, and so much more.

It is because of the current lack of discipleship within the body of Christ, that Forever Changed was birthed.

And it is our heart’s desire that as you learn and grow, you too will be Forever Changed – again and again.








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